Wants You To Know: Chip Perry and Alan Smith Video

Picture 31 AT_Perry_SmithAlan Smith, Sr. Vice President of Dealer Sales, and Chip Perry, CEO, have created a video to share their take on the current issues shaping and dealership business today and what they're doing to deliver more value to the market. This is definitely not something you see often in any industry, let alone automotive, so chances are watching the whole video would be beneficial especially if you're an client.

With the uncertainty in our business and the necessity for more companies to be proactive and 'open book', it will be interesting to see if more providers attempt messages like this one.

Click on the video caption or here to launch the video page on's media website


  • So, they say in their PR…
    We are getting 16million unique advertisers?
    “The 16.07 million unique monthly visitors represents a new threshold in demand by online car shoppers,” said President and CEO Chip Perry.
    According to… not true
    That they are spending more online…
    According to Spyfu…. Not true
    How does this add up?
    Torrey Russell

  • Gary May says:

    Great comments/research. First understand that the post was to serve as a platform for communication that is rare in the industry. So, with that said, it is clearly understood that traffic is typically overstated by ALL the major portals.
    While is a great resource, it is rarely spot on, even close to accurate (having used it, grader and other ‘composite’ sites for evaluation). Having been in the Edmunds, KBB, ABTL world, traffic numbers are tossed around especially around sales/CPMs.
    As for spend, analytics are still not bomb-proof as well. Not trying to contest your point or ‘real’ data, but conjecture goes a long way still on PPC/SEM/CPM.
    Again, the point of the blog post is not to support or defend AT’s position, but rather deal with the relevancy. I’d do the same if ran a similar piece and I don’t qualify as either company’s largest supporter.
    Your comment is GREATLY appreciated, we wish more engagement would happen in the IM@CS blog…please spread the word!!
    Best regards,
    Gary May

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