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IM@CS Survey: Getting Serious About Online

What will it take for dealers to get serious about online and focus on what drives traffic today and going forward?  It's a question asked often nowadays but not answered.  So, what do you think is the number one spur to get dealers to act and why? 1. Dealers/GMs understanding online more, or2. Vendors making […]

IM@CS Survey: What Is On Your Radar?

Dealerships: What is going to be your focus for the near term and why? 1. Social media: Blog, Discussion group, Forums, etc2. Contextual marketing: Mobile ads, eNewsletters. Redesigned website, Microsites, etc3. Experiential marketing: Owner events, Demo Days, etc4. Reputation management:, DealerRater,com,, etc5. Marketing to women: Dedicated staff, Affiliate events, Test Drives & Manicures, […]

IM@CS Survey: What Will Make NADA Tick?

Considering the current market and economic conditions, the marketing and spending pull back and other factors, what do you think is going to be the heartbeat of the impending NADA Convention?  Which segment of vendors do you think will be busiest?  What do you need most at your company?  And are you planning on attending?