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IM@CS Survey: Getting Serious About Online

What will it take for dealers to get serious about online and focus on what drives traffic today and going forward?  It's a question asked often nowadays but not answered.  So, what do you think is the number one spur to get dealers to act and why?

1. Dealers/GMs understanding online more, or
2. Vendors making it easier to understand and work with them, or
3. OEMs somehow mandating minimums/standards, or
4. More dealers going out of business because they chose to ignore it (trickle-down effect)

Please leave as many comments as possible so we can also tailor some of the blog content going forward for more relevancy.

Thanks!  -IM@CS

Best practices: Professional Insight, Powerful Results

IM@CS Survey: What Is On Your Radar?

Dealerships: What is going to be your focus for the near term and why?

1. Social media: Blog, Discussion group, Forums, etc
2. Contextual marketing: Mobile ads, eNewsletters. Redesigned website, Microsites, etc
3. Experiential marketing: Owner events, Demo Days, etc
4. Reputation management:, DealerRater,com,, etc
5. Marketing to women: Dedicated staff, Affiliate events, Test Drives & Manicures, etc

Let us know what your next steps are and then check back in 60 days to comment or email us!