“Please take my sincere recommendation for Gary May and his team at Interactive Marketing & Consulting Services. I have used IM@CS for 4+ years and we have seen tremendous growth in our web presence and energized activity on the website and Google My Business.  They have also managed our keywords and directed activity to both our new & preowned inventories with great success. From design to integration and in0store training I do indeed recommend IM@CS for success in your store.”
– Ralph Parshall, General Manager, Mercedes-Benz of Eugene

“You will find out quickly when dealing with Gary May that he is a top-notch professional. If you want someone to coach you how to do it, as opposed to telling you to do it, then Gary is the right fit. His passion for the automotive and digital marketing industry is unmatched, and it shows in the results he provides. Business changes daily and businesses need the ability to stay out in front and balance the day to day process that makes them go, and Gary has been there to help accomplish that. He has developed great relationships industry wide from vendors, dealers, and manufacturers giving him great insight to the industry and trends. Gary has been a great coach and friend over the last 4 years that we have known each other.”
-Jake McCracken, Digital Marketing Director, Community Chrysler

“We hired Gary to evaluate our e-commerce strategy and presence. His methodology, recommendations and strategies allowed us implement new procedures that would increase our e-commerce return on investments, generate more sales and maintain a better one-on-one experience for our clients. I highly recommend Gary and appreciate his continuing efforts in assisting us in the ever changing e-commerce environment.”
-Kent Earle, Director of Operations, Superstition Springs Lexus

“Gary is a stand up guy who knows the Internet Automotive segment up and down. He is a great speaker and motivator and source of information. I wholeheartedly recommend Gary for anyone in need of Marketing Consulting.”
-Benjamin Hodor, Sales Manager, Lexus Santa Monica

“Gary is a significant influence within automotive marketing. His experience with manufacturers as well as the retail side of the business give him a big-picture understanding of the industry. I am delighted to be among the many who draw from his knowledge. It is rare to find someone as good at public speaking as Gary is that is also an expert networker. He is always learning new ways to improve automotive retail. People like me are eager to hear from him. It is great to see Gary’s business and influence continue to expand, the result of great execution on behalf of clients.”
-Dennis Galbraith, CMO, Dealer E Process

“Gary’s understanding of the internet and social media is unparalleled. Not only can he explain it in plain english, Gary’s recommendations are practical and realistic.”
-Andy Fanin-Church, CEO, ASE Americas

“Gary May is a respected automotive industry consultant, visionary, and innovator who has created a capability to access and implement strategic and operational management actions by and for dealers, OEMs, and channel providers. His influence and communication skills are increasingly impacting automotive marketing –including what happens and who makes it happen — and most of the time he seems to be right in the middle of the action.”
-Chuck Parker, President & Publisher, Automotive Information Network

“For the past few years I have had multiple opportunities to converse with, collaborate and exchange information with Gary May. He has repeatedly earned my respect and I have learned to place a high value on his wisdom and guidance. There are few people in the car business I have more respect for, and I certainly recommend Gary to anyone who has the opportunity to work with him or avail themselves of his professional services.”
-Ralph Paglia, President, Automotive Media Partners

“Gary is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Dealership Internet marketing and sales. He is passionate about what he does, he is easy to work with, always prepared and always ahead of the game. I strongly recommend his services to any dealership.”
-Marc Jurusz, eCommerce Manager, Lexus Western Area, Lexus USA