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The Shortest Distance Between Two Lines Is A Straight Point

Another day has gone by in our industry and where are we? Did we break a record? Did we start a trend? Did we figure something out? Chances are we're in the same place we were 48 hours ago. While we'll leave the guessing how much other businesses out there have changed to the "experts" […]

What Did Thanksgiving Do For You?

If you're in sales, chances are you needed the Thanksgiving day break.  Badly. If things are good or not-so-good, the day off allows you at least to decompress.  If you're in automotive, many would say that the break is more than deserved.  You should return with two things: the day off and something new. Too […]

Day Two At the JD Power Internet Roundtable

Day two (late!) and another day of packed sessions with compelling messages and great panels.  More questions from the audience would have set the bar even higher but the buzz was there.  Also, heavy focus on opportunities tied to the current market issues was making head room: viral marketing, social networking, reputation marketing, technology platforms […]

Day One At the JD Power Internet Roundtable

Well, what a day and not even a full one! Like last October’s event there was standing room only at almost every session. There was great content and the most open and direct dialog I’ve heard at an industry event.  Both the Third Party Site and OEM/Dealer panels were definitely spot on for what’s happening, […]