Well, the 2024 Las Vegas NADA Show is in the books. Yet most in the business still don’t have the book or know how to read it. Let’s face it, dealers still hear about how great they are doing yet finally realize they’ve been had. Here are the hard facts:

1. Few dealers have a vested interest in first party data and it’s even worse from maintenance, execution and/or measurement aspects. Many still don’t have their DMARC set up (and some are still not a secure email severs!). Whether you have a CDP, a CRM or marketing software claiming to be a CDP, if executing on CRM/DMS data were a thing, the OEMs wouldn’t be taking this segment (and all the customer data) over in the next year to three.

2. AI/ML is confusing as heck (mostly since everything at NADA was being sold as, with or part of AI). Especially considering most platforms beings sold as AI are not far from simple logic, chat bots and barely enabled rule-based response automation. Whether or not you view Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning (which is a requirement to properly enable AI) as part of your tech stack or not, get back to properly housing and executing on your core business and communication. AI is there to able growth, not become your dealership’s contact enablement because your people can’t do their job and are using 1985 training/word track and ‘closing’ techniques from the pervasive training companies.

3. Get real about your marketing before you find your dealership in a lawsuit come mid-2024. The FTC has to regulate marketing since a large percentage of dealers deploy deceptive marketing, period. Many of the large advertising houses (and digital marketing companies) are happy to get you in hot water if that’s what you are directing them to do.

2024 is the 30th year of the Automotive Internet (read that again, 30th!) and yet, most are still getting their digital marketing training wheels balanced. There are a few companies that have guided dealers (not simply re-sold solutions or outsourced their ‘core’ business) for a long time. Don’t make 2024 the year you fall further behind because your digital marketing choices are driven by (lowest) cost decisions, OEM stamped vendors or 20 Group lemmings that can’t measure themselves out of a wet, broken paper bag. Leading takes effort, partnership, resources and accountability.

Make this year a year of sustainable growth for your dealership or group with IM@CS!