Day two (late!) and another day of packed sessions with compelling messages and great panels.  More questions from the audience would have set the bar even higher but the buzz was there.  Also, heavy focus on opportunities tied to the current market issues was making head room: viral marketing, social networking, reputation marketing, technology platforms and the like.

The big issues for dealers are how to understand, staff for (this includes capable vendors in addition to/or employees if you choose) and execute on a diverse marketing plan, covering the items above as well as carrying their own unique brand online.  It’s clear that both the manufacturers and dealers need major assistance in this area and will that ultimately it will depend on the dealers to produce on many fronts.

One theme that was consistent about the retail segment is that the dealers that don’t ‘get it’ will not be around for long and that the ones that truly shift their primary focus online, track their effectiveness, hold their sales force accountable and follow process, process, process will win.

Folks, you don’t have to go it alone. Look for, ask for and get help now.  More soon…

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