When A Spade Is a Spade…And Knowledge Is Only Part Of The Game

Too often in sales we live off of past glory, or lack of. While past performance is not an indication of future results, it may just be what many people look for (look up the definitions of comfort and settle). So, salespeople, what are YOU doing to change your reality? Waiting for the next sucker?

Business has changed. Has your team changed with it? Take a look at your paycheck before you answer. Many people talk about change the way they will talk about the Laker's win tonight: as a passing interest. Change has to be constant, supported, visualized and cemented with goals. Don't find example with those businesses and individuals that aren't making it, challenge yourself and your organization by following only the ones that are.

Being someone that exercises change means that some times you're morph won't be noticed, or may be doubted and misunderstood. Confidence and influence are signs of change. Knowledge is the foundation, true. Only constant application, focus, modification and evaluation breed real change. Add regular accountability and you have nothing short of change.

What's the difference between the person who comes in on time and reads the brochures and the one who comes in a little earlier to walk the inventory? Or the sales pro that peppers conversation with technology buzz words versus the person that actually takes personal time to understand and use it?

Today a GSM related a great story to me about a salesperson that wrote postcards to clients every day. They were personalized, had value, reminded the owner of money-saving tips for their car and more. Is it any surprise that salesperson exceeded all expectations? Is it any surprise that the person built a large business? Is it any surprise that the person came from outside the auto industry?

Calling a spade a spade is only part of the game. Anyone who's listened to the news and repeated it to someone else know that. Knowing is only part of the game. What game do you want to be in? If you'e in sales, you need to excel. Who what you want, know how to get it, know when you want it by and don't accept anything less.

If you do those things, you don't have to be like the rest of the people. People will still question you…even question your past! Let them…you'll figure out what they're focused on. Stay focused on the prize! Nobody ever got far looking backwards…

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  • Megan Bucher says:

    Well said. My struggle is finding the correct amount of confidence and influence. How do I break out?

  • Gary May says:

    Good morning, thank you for your comment on the blog post. Not to be overly simplistic, but we’re talking about a process that breaks us out of our ‘comfort zone’. This is truly process in its simplest form but it’s not easy. It is amazingly simple, it’s just not easy:
    1. Goals: You have to know where you are and where you are going before you start.
    2. Influence. Surround yourself with those that are more successful and are going the direction you want to go to achieve your goals. Find those that you bond with.
    3. Maintenance. Visualize your goals and track yourself, confirm through daily activities and remove what doesn’t get you moving forward.
    4. Edify. Reward yourself, especially if your goals are lofty (as they should be).
    5. Support. Be accountable to someone that won’t allow you to head the wrong direction. And do the same. The mirror is sometimes a tough place to be alone…
    6. Mindset. Read, listen, attend and write. The best part of being active in your confidence building is realizing that there is plenty of influence out there. Watch what you think, hear, see and talk about…
    Let’s chat in more detail if you’d like and I’d be more than happy to speak at your dealership…
    Best regards,

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