With more focus on the bottom line and getting more out of every dollar, it's more important to know that your suppliers are working for you.  Here's some that understand that:

Time Highway: Karen Dillon knows what it takes to deliver a value, but she also knows how to stay relevant. Things at many dealers in the country are being held together by 'service glue'.  With Time Highway's UI and ease of having customers book their own appointments online in real time, Check it out at  http://www.timehighway.com

Google: We've been talking about it, the JD Power conference recently featured it, there have been Webinars about it and, for some reason, dealers are still not using it. Have your website vendor(s) add it or do it yourself: http://www.google.com/analytics

DealerPeak: There are plenty of CRM companies out there. When it comes to adding value, making things simpler and supporting clients with great customer service, only a small amount over the past few years have really made it their mantra to evolve. There are other companies that offer lead management and more, just not like Jock and the team in Oregon.  http://www.dealerpeak.com

DealerImpact Systems: Brian Cox and the crew at DealerImpact used to just focus on websites. Many of their competitors still are and they've gone down the road of making sites deliver more traffic to you. They are extremely confident in the plug-ins and widgets they make, since consumers are actually using their tools on client sites.  I've known Brian for about four years and have followed DI's progression. http://www.dealerimpact.com

We'll try to keep these updates weekly and ultimately have an area where you can get in touch with the vendors.

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