Got Time?  That's the next craze in bumper stickers and T-shirts…that car salespeople need.  Find a larger group of people that don't follow processes and they'll likely need a saying as well.  The time wasted in sales at dealerships not following process is astonishing.

It's not about the dollars your dealership spends on process.  It's not about all of the training you receive to follow the process.  It's not about all of the marketing that is spent to promote the process.  It's not about how this process is better than the last process.  It's not about what you think of the process.

If the process were not so critical, your F&I department and
business office would not follow process.  Then you'd be liable for
every compliance, DMV, documentation and a laundry list of other
mistakes and likely have your dealership closed down via lawsuits and/or your
state's Attorney General.  Chances are, if you're employed at a car dealership, you are personally lucky to have a team of people that must follow processes.  Your job depends on a score of people following process to the letter.

It's about following the process, feeding the process and leveraging the process.  It's about using your time more effectively and not thinking you have the right to reinvent or change the process at your whim.  Without process, everything breaks down folks.  Don't fight it so hard.  Quit being the 'rebel' at your store and showing everyone else that you can work outside of process.

Don't follow processes and you will loose sales.

Don't follow processes and you will loose customers.

Don't follow processes and you will loose gross.

Don't follow process and you will loose everything you try to sell for.

Follow process and you will do a better job: closing, grossing higher, overcoming objections, having your appointments show, selling accessories, getting referrals and more…even keeping your job.

OK, this has to be said for the naysayers out there: If you don't like your process, tell your manager or GM, make a decision on a new one for everyone in sales (be careful!) and get behind it.  And then follow the ding dang process!!!!!!

Best practices: Professional Insight, Powerful Results