It’s one of those things about human nature.  Call it peer pressure, mob mentality, the ‘in’ thing, or the lowest common denominator.  Don’t call it a lack of nothing else to do.  It’s the water cooler convention that is going on more and more often.  Don’t get me wrong, there is so much to chat about: economy, the debate/election, market issues, consumer confidence and other of-the-moment topics.

The most important question is not who your voting for.  Chances are it should be how differently you are working today than you did yesterday or last month.  Not getting the results you want, try changing.  Fact is we don’t like change.  Comfortable is where we usually go.  How comfortable can you be with a $2,000 monthly check these days (unless your mortgage is $700 a month)?

What do your emails and calls sound like?  Take a really long, hard look.  No, longer.  No, longer.  Don’t stop.  If you want to results to change, your effort, input and goals need to change.  By the same token, don’t be unrealistic.  The most efficient way of hitting your targets is starting with the end in mind.

Want to move 15 units?  What’s your typical closing ratio?  Add 30% more effort and lead work to hit the same number (just humor me).  So if you normally close at 13% on 120 leads, you’ll likely have to work more past customers, lost customers and non-responses than you normally do (this would be quite the trick today).  Or set 30% more appointments than typical through more efficient efforts, better communication and…ready for this?…trying new ways to invite customers in.

Are you sending plenty of pictures of the closest (or exact) match of the customers request in your emails?  Are you asking pertinent questions every time you communicate?  Start setting your appointments affirmatively.  Over 70% of appointments don’t show up.  That’s our fault, not the consumers.  Give them a reason to feel that if they don’t show, they’re missing out.  Reading emails and listening to calls attempting to set up appointments is like the proverbial fingernails on a chalkboard.

Folks it’s crap in, crap out.  Once again, if you don’t like the results, change them.  Do a better job.  Listen more.  Ask more relevant questions.  Qualify more consistently.  Offer options.  If you’re not clear, ask again.  If you make a mistake, apologize and move on.  Quit making excuses about what is just another lead by calling them Internet leads.

The water cooler talk is more rampant then ever.  It’s your choice.  Join and be just another part of the herd.  Spend more time talking with your next customers, providing excellent service and you’ll be part of the heard…and bought from.  Lead by action.

Best practices: Professional Insight, Powerful Results