Monthly Archives: October 2008

Follow The Ding Dang Process!

Got Time?  That's the next craze in bumper stickers and T-shirts…that car salespeople need.  Find a larger group of people that don't follow processes and they'll likely need a saying as well.  The time wasted in sales at dealerships not following process is astonishing. It's not about the dollars your dealership spends on process.  It's […]

Hurry Up…It’s The End Of The Month!

There is a great saying that I've heard in regards to sales that is not often followed in our little automotive heaven: "Get all of your sales done at the beginning of the month so you can coast at the end of the month".  Chances are that's not the theme of the meetings that will […]

The Merger That’s Not Being Talked About…That Has To Happen

No word play here or another "bomb" out of Detroit (more on that latter though). Just one simple act: merging customers with cars.  It's the merger that happens every day and needs to happen more often.  The beauty about these kind of mergers, is they translate into more mergers. High grossing mergers.  High CSI mergers.  […]

It Won’t Be Much…and We’ll Throw That In!

Call me forgetful, I can't remember the last time in a website vendor/dealer meeting where the phrase "it won't be much" was used, let alone "we'll throw that in".  Not that dealer service providers don't offer value, discounts or other benefits. It's just that in a world of "you have to pay more for that" […]

Over The Border…And Into The Headlights

Greetings from Canada.  It's a little cooler, quieter and definitely more pleasant.  OK, that's it for the differences.  Automotive-wise, it's about the same.  While the eCommerce element is behind the US a number of years as far as impact and influence, many issues we face are not any different. Responses, email protocol, follow up, using […]

IM@CS Survey: What Is On Your Radar?

Dealerships: What is going to be your focus for the near term and why? 1. Social media: Blog, Discussion group, Forums, etc2. Contextual marketing: Mobile ads, eNewsletters. Redesigned website, Microsites, etc3. Experiential marketing: Owner events, Demo Days, etc4. Reputation management:, DealerRater,com,, etc5. Marketing to women: Dedicated staff, Affiliate events, Test Drives & Manicures, […]

People Are The Same Everywhere..And Warren Told Us To ‘Buy’

No matter what you sell, it's important to understand your customers.  It's also important to have them understand you.  Your website is your virtual showroom.  Your 'About Us' and your staff photos are just the handshake.  Give reasons for people to stay longer on your site, just like you want them to at your brick-and-mortar […]

All Quiet On The Water Cooler Front…Sort Of

It’s one of those things about human nature.  Call it peer pressure, mob mentality, the ‘in’ thing, or the lowest common denominator.  Don’t call it a lack of nothing else to do.  It’s the water cooler convention that is going on more and more often.  Don’t get me wrong, there is so much to chat […]

Accountable Advertising on the Internet with Avinash Kaushik

Today’s Automotive News Webinar on statistics, analytics and accountability was amazing.  Seeing the attendee mix would be interesting, how many dealers, OEM, service providers, consultants logged into the absolutely fantastic session.  But no matter who listened in, it’s all about the execution. One very important point (albeit not surprising) that came out of Avinash’s talk […]

We’re Holding On Right Now…(To Pride)

It’s not uncommon in ‘down markets’ to see over-reactive pull backs along with those retailers that understand they can’t stop doing what they do.  It’s another thing to ignore customers that want to buy, both by reach and response.  There is a big buzz now about blogs and social marketing and whether car dealers should […]